Reliance Games Acquires Mobile Game Development Studios And Publishers In Japan And Korea

Reliance Big Entertainment has announced that its international mobile gaming setup, Reliance Games has acquired mobile game development studios and publishers in Japan and Korea. Such a step was taken to expand Reliance Games and take it into the heart of geographical locations which have some of the highest number of mobile game players. The Japanese and Korean  markets are strategic ones to get into from a mobile gaming perspective. This will give Reliance Games the right kind of exposure and game development technologies.


Reliance Games has acquired the whole gaming division of Funnel Japan (including staff and IPs) and has renamed it as Reliance Games Japan.  The company will look into development and publishing for the local Japanese market as of now. This acquisition was executed via Reliance Big Entertainment’s Japanese subsidiary, Reliance Big Entertainment Japan Co. Ltd.

In Korea, Reliance Games has bought a majority stake (51%) in Bluesom Inc. The deal has also gotten the company some IPs from Bluesom.

The company says that these acquisitions have a two-fold motive. One is to keep developing and publishing games for these local markets and the other is to use the development and publishing know-how which they can leverage in western markets. The company hopes to thus become a big player globally in mobile gaming.

Manish Agarwal, CEO, Reliance Entertainment Digital spoke of the development,

“Reliance Games, after the success of Real Steel & F1 2011 mobile games globally, has embarked on a journey of expanding its business beyond North America markets. With this acquisition in Japan & Korea Reliance Games has made inroads into the world’s largest mobile gaming markets and looks forward to tap the 5.5 Bln USD & 1.3 Bln USD mobile gaming markets of Japan & Korea respectively.  Investment in the development studio at Busan, Korea and in the distribution team at Tokyo, Japan will enable us to develop games for local markets instead of trying to force fit western games in these markets. I have full confidence on teams at Korea and Japan to establish Reliance Games as a very innovative and successful gaming brand.”

The company has announced that they will be launching 3 new games for feature phones and smartphones in the coming 3 quarters for Japan and Korea. They also said that they will be bringing their Hollywood IP based games to these markets. They will however be adapting the game content to these local markets. The fact that digital companies from India are expanding globally and acquiring key companies in strategic markets is a good sign for the gaming market in the country, as it will benefit Indian gamers and consumers due to the exposure to global technology and gaming experience.

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