Congress Roping In Shashi Tharoor & Other Celebs To Swamp Down On Social Media & Spread Party Messages

Eminent serial tweeters and tech savvy personalities¬† like Shashi Tharoor, Shah Rukh Khan and Shabana Azmi has been roped in by the Congress for it’s official Twitter handle.

The Congress has also set-up a 35 member team to counter and monitor the propaganda and other negative tweets and references to the party on the social networking site. Calling in such personalities just shows the priority of this task as part of the party’s strategy. The All India Congress Committee (AICC) is already ready with a Twitter handle which is planned to be used to spread information and messages regarding the current issues plaguing the country and major decisions of the party to the netizens of the country.

Congress has definitely roped in people like Shashi Tharoor and Shah Rukh Khan as they bring with them the most essential need for any public campaign on Twitter. The party is also planning to bring in leaders like Digvijay Singh, Manish Tiwari and Milind Deora who are arguably bitten by the Twitter bug as part of this campaign.


The AICC’s division of Communications and Publicity, which is led by Digvijay Singh, was apparently the one who had proposed the decision of setting-up a 35-member strong team on the task of virtually keeping tab of everything said about the Congress on social media sites. The team has also been assigned the job of doing research and offer deep analytics and insight to the political party’s various leaders, ministers and spokespersons.

This decision comes weeks after claims from the Congress party alleging that rival party BJP’s Narendra Modi was running a Sanskar Kendra where about 50 professionals keep posting anit-Congress messages on various social networking sites to infuriate and provoke the sentiments of communities on social media sites.

When asked about the developments, Congress MP Deepender Hooda, who is a member of the sub-group, told “It is true that our communications and publicity committee discussed the party’s strategy regarding the social media also but I cannot share details of the party’s internal report. We will be submitting the report and party leadership will take a call on the future course of action.” When asked about the the setting-up of a social media team by the government, he only stated that he was not aware of any such news. Even Shashi Tharoor denied the news, when asked about it by a few other Twitter users and said that as an active party member, he would only be happy to take part in his party’s goals.

It cannot be denied that Congress has risen p to the impact of Social Media on world politics and the way Twitterati and Facebook campaigns. The government has also been holding online sessions, where it discusses and answers queries regarding issues of the country on Twitter and Facebook.

I feel the setting up of a social media team to play watchdog on the Indian social media citizens will only play spoilsport to the party’s efforts to enter social media. It is unfortunate that the Congress aims to bundle monitoring of the web with their social media strategy. Can anyone suggest them a good Social Media Manager!

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