Amazon’s Own Smartphone Dream Delayed As Foxconn Extends Tests

Multinational e-Commerce company Amazon was gearing up to introduce its own brand of Smartphones. However, it seems the world will have to wait a little longer than the earlier envisaged release period of second quarter of 2013.


The official manufacturing partner for the said smartphone is none other than Chinese company Foxconn International Holdings (FIH). Incidentally, the same company manufactures handsets for many of the Global MNCs like Google, Motorola Mobility (Now owned by Google), Acer, Sony, Microsoft, Dell, etc. In case of Amazon’s smartphone, the official response via a report for the delay is, “The production of Amazon’s much-fanfared smartphone is still under its engineering verification test (EVT) period due to issues related to its mobile platform, the sources indicated, adding that the development of the smartphone is being handled by FIH’s subsidiary Ensky Tech, which has been responsible for the production of Amazon’s e-book readers and tablets”.

In simpler words, Amazon instills a highly customized layer atop Google’s Android. In fact, the finalized platform appears completely different from the core Android version. Additionally, Amazon will incorporate ads into the OS too. It has done the same for its line of Kindle e-Book readers that offer subsidized rates for content if the reader is willing to be bombarded with ads.

So when will the world see Amazon Branded Smartphone?

It all depends on when Foxconn & Amazon can come to a consensus about the platform & are able to iron out the non-compliances. The original envisaged roadmap speculated the culmination of Production Verification Test (PVT) in the first quarter of 2013. Thereafter, the phone would enter the mass production stage in the immediate quarter. So the company was hoping to launch the phone in the late second or early third quarter of this year.

However, this roadmap has now been apparently turned null & void. Fortunately there are no employee related controversies that Foxconn is quite ill-famous for. One thing’s for sure though, since Amazon will surely use Android as a base OS & will be sold by the e-retail giant itself, we can hope for a lucrative price for a relatively mainstream hardware. What do you think?

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