Wishberg Launches New Shop Mob Feature

It has been quite some time since we took a look at the homegrown social discovery platform, Wishberg. The startup  has just announced a unique new feature which will probably work really well in the Indian space, called Shop Mobs. This feature is supposed to advance and support group buying activities in the country and will be going live in Mumbai and Bangalore for now.


The concept is inspired from the cash mobs in the US and Tuangou in China, where a lot of people who have common interest and wishes, meet up and buy things and thus get better discounts for the group as a whole. They also mentioned an instance few years back where some people in Kolhapur and Aurangabad got together to buy 150 Mercedes Benz cars; 101 BMWs and another 180 Mercedes Benz cars! This is what I call a successful hack on the offline retail system. :)

Shop Mobs are now an integral feature of Wishberg. You can go ahead and create a Shop Mob in 2 steps and join an existing one in a simple 1 click process. The feature kicks in automatically when Wishberg discovers that there are people in a city who are wishing to buy the same thing. In order to create a Shop Mob, you need at least 2 people following you who have the same wishes (on Wishberg). If you are joining a shop mob you don’t have to follow the previous criteria. Initial product runs of Shop Mobs have limited groups of 5,10 or 15. Based on the popularity of the concept, Wishberg will probably make changes about  the number of people who can join a Shop Mob. This feature is time bound and expires after the time is up, thus giving users enough motivation to go ahead and do this.  Besides this, there is no other catch in the feature.

This new feature is very well in sync with the main purpose of Wishberg and can help organize shoppers and deliver value to their users. An extremely good move by  the startup since the feature just requires coding and all the work that is actually required is done by users with common interest. It will be going live in 225+ cities in 15 countries as soon as people register the same wishes on the service.

You should check out the feature and let us know what you think about it.

To know more about Shop Mobs, please visit this link.

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