Sony Music India Launches Its Global Jive Music Service For Xperia Phones

Sony Music India is launching its Sony Music Jive service for streaming and downloading music globally for its Xperia(Z, ZL and E series) range of smartphones. The Jive music service allows consumers to stream and download music from the Sony Music catalog of over two million songs on the Sony Xperia Smartphones. This service is powered by Infibeam Indent‘s music platform. Last year, Infibeam had entered into a multi-crore agreement with Sony music India, in order to launch three products, including the service Jive HD. Jive also has agreements with various other music labels and is also available on Windows 8 OS.


Sony Music India claims that the catalog consist of over two million songs consisting of various genres, including Indian Bollywood and regional tracks. The Jive music service will be available for free till six months of buying the Xperia handset. After this limited time period, users are expected to go for the paid subscription of the service. The songs on Jive can be downloaded in MP3 format. At this point, it is not clear if the songs are DRM enabled or not as the service will available for free in the initial period. There are also varied technologies for streaming the music, such as option for streaming the music at 128kbps.

Shridhar Subramaniam, president India and Middle East spoke about the new product saying,

Sony Music Jive is our foray into directly engaging with consumer by offering them a compelling digital music service. With Sony Music Jive, the Xperia handsets would give them an unmatched offering of songs and an easy and legal access to the global catalogue of Sony Music.

Kenichiro Hibi, managing director of Sony India stated that the new music streaming service app went hand-in-hand with Sony’s brand image. He also said,

Indian consumers are very passionate about music and we feel this compelling service will be a huge reason for customers to choose our new range of exciting Xperia smartphones.’

Sony has informed that the new range of Xperia handsets will have Jive pre-installed in them. In the coming few months, the service could be available for other Sony devices as well.

There is no doubt that there is a steep rise in the attempts from the music industry to go digital, especially through various mobile channels.

It would be interesting to note how Jive is positioned in the market after the paid subscription goes active. Also, the digital music industry’s getting hotter and the biggest problem could be piracy itself. Let’s see how music streaming and download services succeed in changing the public’s perception towards gaining access to legal music content. Also, I would also welcome changes in the Internet infrastructure in our country, because music streaming services are essentially cloud services, and without reliable Internet connections, these might as well be called dead already.

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