Pepsi India Launches New Contest On Social Media; Promotes It Vigorously!

The one thing that I must credit Pepsi India with is its focus on targeting the youth of the country. They know what attracts the young – cricket and Bollywood – and they poise their tactics so as to hit the nail of the head.

With the launch of the IPL season merely a month away, Pepsi India has launched their new young ambassador, Unmukt Chand – under-19 Cricket captain – on social media as a part of their “Oh Yes, Abhi!” campaign. The ad and the campaign were well received online with the promotion efforts garnering a high number of likes and shares.


With a view to make the most of this buzz and to continue with aggressive marketing before the IPL season starts, Pepsi India has launched a movie-making contest and are promoting the same on their social media platforms.

Pepsi Shot 60 – Short Film Contest

Pepsi Shot 60 calls for those interested to make a 60 seconds film in 24 hours. Currently, registrations are open for the contest here and anyone, everyone can register. The theme for the 1 minute film will be announced on March 8, 2013 at 6. 00pm and participants are required to submit the movie on March 9, 2013 at 6.00pm. The rules – use a Pepsi my can/bottle as a prop, place Pepsi Oh Yes Abhi! logo on the bottom-right corner of the film through-out the 60 seconds  - and such are mentioned on the contest homepage. Winners stand a chance to win cash prizes.

I think the movie-making contest is a simple idea that is being well executed by Pepsi India. For one, the concept of 60 seconds and completing the film in 1 day fits perfectly well with the Oh Yes Abhi concept of Pepsi. The wise and consistent use of Social Media and the roping in of influencers to promote this contest is commendable too.

FireShot Screen Capture #033 - 'Pepsi India (PepsiIndia) on Twitter' - twitter_com_PepsiIndia

Regularly updating and tweeting without clogging timelines and thereby organically generating word-of-mouth buzz is what social media campaigns must be and is what Pepsi India has managed to do.

The question now is, how many have actually registered for the contest and how many will in the time frame that remains. Have any of you registered? Do tell!

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