Google+ Gets Redesigned Profiles And Pages Ahead Of Facebook’s Newsfeed Announcement

Google+ has gotten some design improvements to its profile section and pages just before Facebook’s news feed announcement later tonight. Not sure if they are related but the new Google+ designs make thing a little more visually appealing in terms of profile pages and other aspects of the social networking service.


1. You can now upload bigger cover images with higher resolutions. Images with resolution up to 2120px by 1192px  can now be uploaded. They will be displayed in a 16*9 aspect ratio when fully expanded. This makes your profile much better if you have images of those specifications. According to Sara Mckinley of Google, with this you can now use more images in your cover photo thus doing justice to high resolution images. This feature has also been applied to brand pages. Besides this, you can also hover over a person’s and see a popup of their cover photo and profile, just like how Facebook has done it.



2. A local reviews tab has been added which shows you the reviews you have given to all your local restaurants and venues. You can choose to highlight your favorite restaurants reviews which is a good addition for those people who review restaurants on a regular basis. The local nature of these reviews can let many of contacts and friends on the social network to get the best information based on your tastes. You can also remove this section completely if you feel you don’t need it.


3. The final addition is that of an easier way to edit your personal details in the about section. You now have clean sections which show you and your profile viewers you personal details in the best possible way. You can also edit them individually instead of going into a page where you can edit everything. Small tweaks yes, but this will improve usability by a mile. I can see Google+ evolving to fit into the new overall Google design because this section looks very inspired by the minimalist and beautiful Google Now cards (which have now started showing up in Google search too!)


All these features are still being rolled out to everybody and it is possible that you might not have got them yet.

While Google+ has good numbers, it still does not rival Facebook in overall market share. I have always maintained that Google+ is a better social network in terms of features, control and functionality than Facebook but Facebook has better adoption and usage rates because of its insane growth throughout the world. Google+ is visually appealing as hell, compared to Facebook but what is the point if none of my friends and contacts are on it or are not bothered to be active on it.

I am waiting to see what Facebook has in store for us this evening. I hope it is something good.

If you are active on Google+, you should check these new changes out.

Story Source | Sarah Mckinley on Google+

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