Housing.co.in Comes Up With Location Based Housing Information

Finding an accommodation is supposed to get a lot easier claims a new website Housing.co.in. With a clear intention of assisting harried home hunters, the company has come up with a location based platform that scouts accommodations.

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There are currently multiple options for home buyers. In fact we have covered similar initiatives in the past. Additionally, many of them even have the exact same facility of offering location specific & region relevant results based on the users location & preference.

Then why should one consider Housing.co.in?

The website has evidently stayed away from the tried and tested buyers market. Interestingly, the portal offers accommodation available only for renting. Mega metros like Mumbai have a heavy migrant population flux. Needless to say, buying a home is often beyond financial capabilities for many of such seekers. Coming to the aide of such peculiar, yet huge demographic Housing.co.in is essentially a site that collates information about houses that re specifically listed as ‘For Lease or Rent’ only.

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We gave the site a quick tour & found the site to resemble Google Earth, but for accommodation seekers! With a map-driven interface the site lists accommodation as one hovers the mouse over intended areas.

Presently limited to Mumbai, the site has adopted a unique approach to seek their next target. The company deployed a Voting session on Facebook & received an overwhelming response for Hyderabad. Since the City of Pearls is now bustling with migrant population, the company has chosen to deploy their platform there. “This result wasn’t too surprising as Hyderabad is now a city with huge working population and people from other cities migrating to Hyderabad to work” said a statement from the company.

Do give the site a visit & let us know your feedback.

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