Nikhil Rungta Leaves Google To Become The CBO At Yebhi

Online lifestyle e-Commerce portal has appointed Nikhil Rungta as its Chief Business Officer (CBO). Rungta worked as Google India’s – Country Marketing Head prior to this.

Nikhil Rungta, Chief Business Officer, Yebhi (2)

Holding the post since 2009, Rungta was at helm of almost all of Google’s country specific activities including Search, Youtube, Chrome, Google+, Android & others. With his knack for details he could be attributed for the success of YouTube & the video streaming site becoming a top destination of premium video content for Bollywood, cricket, music & other popular categories.

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Why the move?

Rungta appears to be skilled in arousing interest in the common Indian online netizen particular for online shopping. With thinking ahead of the curve he helped launch such successful initiatives like Get India Business Online (GIBO) and the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF). Of particular interest is the GOSF, which caught the attention of both; the web-portals & the online shopper. Sites reported exhausting their stock even before the day was over!

Rungta has spent 15 years of his professional career in Sales & Marketing. currently needs his expertise to push the online sales endeavor to newer heights. Though the company has been receiving some serious funding in multiple rounds, eventually it will have to prove that it can generate substantial revenue on its own. To achieve break-even Yebhi requires jacking up sales with unique initiatives that will draw the crowds in hoards. Apart from its innovations to improve the shopping experience Yebhi will also have to work at improving Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) & significantly dropping the Cost Per Acquisition of a new customer.

India’s online shopping segment is getting a lot of positive attention. The same has been corroborated by IAMAI on multiple occasions. However, with equally rising competition, the players are finding it difficult to have a sustained growth plan. Rungta could certainly infuse the dynamic realignment needed to enhance appeal of Yebhi. What do you think?

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