NASSCOM Expands Horizons To Include Internet & Mobile Segments

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) will soon broaden its scope to include Internet and Mobile (Content and Commerce) software products. In an endeavor to keep up the times & current evolving trends, the Information Technology (IT) industry body, after nearly a quarter of a century since its inception, is realigning its stand and will now look beyond IT services, Business Process Management (BPM), Engineering And Research And Development (ER&D) and Global In-house Centers (GIC) of multinational corporations in India.


Why the fundamental shift?

NASSCOM’s role has always been associated with the infrastructure & policy decisions pertaining to large scale IT companies. However, India is rapidly moving towards Mobile Computing. The Internet & Mobile segment will grow to become a US$ 100 Billion giant within the next 7-8 Years. It is presently at a modest figure of US$ 14 Billion. The entire domestic IT industry, including these segments, will jointly form a US$ 300 Billion market.

Hence this is the right time feels Infosys founder & erstwhile CEO Narayan Murthy, “If we have to get to $300 billion, there is considerable need to focus on other opportunities, as well as strengthen existing areas. So we have expanded the charter to include internet and mobile content commerce, products… and if we want IT to make a difference, then we also have to focus on the domestic IT market,”

Murthy currently heads the Expert Committee nominated to come-up with recommendations for NASSCOM so that it can continue to be a beacon for the IT Segment of India. The holistic agenda of the committee was, “To address the key needs of the industry in order to help realize its [NASCCOM] vision for 2020.”

Among other initiatives, NASSCOM plans to absorb 3000 new personnel & facilitate 100,000 certifications for specialized application skills.

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