Facebook Studio Is Accepting Applications For Its Preferred Marketing Developers Program

Facebook has announced that it will be accepting applications for the prestigious Preferred Marketing Developer  program. Facebook Studio is a place where agency work dealing with social media, specifically Facebook is showcased. The company has announced the openings and also introduced two updates to the process of becoming a PMD.

From now on, Facebook Studio will be transitioning towards a referral based system. This system requires established Facebook development companies and brands who have successfully worked with Facebook’s internal team will be given priority in the process. Priority will also be given to ads-qualified PMDS. This step is being taken because Facebook feels that only those companies that came recommended by a trusty and credible source, did well on the platform.

Another requirement is that only those companies which have worked and have deep knowledge across all areas on the Facebook platform will be chosen. They are thus looking for PMDs which has a holistic knowledge of the platform instead of concentrating on one area. The four key areas where PMDs require expertise and focus are Pages, Ads, Apps and Insights.

Those companies/agencies which do Facebook marketing with a holistic approach can try their hand at becoming a PMD which will ultimately get you greater recognition and thus business. You can check the whole thing out in the source link below.

Source | Facebook Studio Blog

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