Homeshop18 Launches Mobile App For iOS And Android

Homeshop18, one of the e-commerce biggies in the country, has announced the availability its mobile app on the iOS and Android platforms. The app called HS18 on both the app stores is really light at 0.90 MB.  We checked out the phone on Android and were pretty impressed with it.


The app has multiple other functionalities.  You can shop now on your smartphone and also watch the Homeshop18 channel to look for new products. Besides this they have a new feature called Scan N Shop which allows you to shop by checking out the QR code. Although the QR code detector will pick up links beyond Homeshop18’s website, the shopping aspect only works on Homeshop18 QR codes which the company is now rolling out across popular places around the country. We wrote about how they had installed a virtual shopping wall at the New Delhi Airport last month. This is a good one and bound to make shopping on your phone as painless as possible. Your shopping cart can be synchronized to cart on the desktop site thus making your information and orders available to access both on your phone and desktop. You can also call Homeshop18 directly from the app’s product page to place the order over the telephone.


Rest of the features are standard search and checkout options which exist in most e-commerce apps. One problem with the app is that you can’t actually search for a product directly without going to categories and find it manually. This is a huge bother and I can’t actually believe they missed this one. TV, QR codes etc. are nice but not at the loss of quick search functionality. I hope they get this fixed soon.

Otherwise the app is pretty snappy and cool. If you do all your shopping online, then this would be a super way for you to shop without having to turn on your laptop.

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