Disney Launches Digital Campaign Promoting Its New Quiz Show

Disney India has launched a new family quiz show called ‘Disney Q: The Family Mastermind.’ The game show, which went on air on February 25, is targeted at kids and adults alike. The concept of the show revolves around quizzing families on a subject of their choice and it aimed at bringing the entire family together to watch, enjoy and learn.

In order to create a substantial buzz around the show before its launch and to engage the young target audience, Disney India ran (and is running) a digital campaign on Twitter and Facebook.


FB page

The campaign is simple in thought and execution and calls for Disney India fans and followers to answer easy questions. There is also an app on Facebook called ‘How Much Do You Want To Know’ wherein users can ‘like’ the tab and play the game.

disney Q FB

The app asks questions across various genres and asks theme based questions on particular days too. For example, Women’s Cricket, Kumbh Mela are certain themes explored.

I think the idea of this campaign is simple and to the point. This is exactly why it will strike a chord with the audience. The questions are easy enough without being stupid and hard enough without requiring the use of all your grey cells. I don’t think these reflect the questions that will be asked on the show, but they are good enough to engage the audience.

The channel will also launch a smartphone (Android, iOS, Blackberry) app called ‘Challenge on Mobile’ on March 11, which will engage users in the subject of their choice and foster a healthy competition. The channel says the app will be showcased during the show, and viewers can give a missed call to receive the download link for the app.

We interviewed Bikram Duggal, Director – Marketing, Kids Network, Disney-UTV and asked him questions pertaining to the relevance of a family quiz show, the digital campaign and so on.

Bikram Duggal, Director, Marketing, Kids Network, Disney-UTV

Excerpts from the interview.

1. What was the objective of the digital campaign? How the campaign specifically targeted to?

‘Disney Q: The Family Mastermind’ is a show that will have kids along with their families engage in an exciting challenge to test their knowledge in a subject of their choice. True to Disney’s philosophy, the kids will be the central focus and will brave the spotlight as they lead their families with an ultimate aim of being crowned India’s Smartest Family. Keeping the show in mind, we designed our entire campaign with an objective to engage, build curiosity around the show and more importantly, create conversations around the show and the format. With this campaign, the idea is to reach out to a larger spectrum of the audiences and get them involved through some interesting innovations across the social and digital platforms

 2.  Given that you are basically an entertainment channel, you think a serious concept like a quiz will find takers in your audience segment?

Disney Channel India has been consistently working towards creating compelling content themed with a local flavour that not only appeals to kids but also reaches out their families. After our recent success with live-action shows such as ‘Best of Luck Nikki’ and ‘The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir’, we are now, for the first time, bringing a daily show– ‘Disney Q – The Family Mastermind’ which we truly believe make for wholesome family entertainment. Also, culturally Indians are extremely curious by nature. Curiosity and knowledge are ingrained in literally in everything we do. We are naturally oriented towards knowledge and Disney Q brings you the serious form of quizzing that have been appreciated by audiences across and we are sure that an interesting format like The Family Mastermind will be loved by every single member of the family.

3. While most quiz shows are targeted at kids OR adults, you chose to target yours to the entire family. Why?

Disney Channel is committed to bringing wholesome family entertainment and  a knowledge based entertainment show is another step in that direction. We believe that a quiz, in any format, has a universal appeal and every single member of the family have participated in quizzes in some form – whether in school, newspaper contests. With a show like Disney Q, we genuinely believe it has the potential to tap into the motivations of family to be entertained together as a unit.

4. What are the on-ground campaign activities that have/are supporting your online efforts?

We will also have innovative digital billboards which are led screens across key locations in Mumbai. Keeping the central theme as ‘How Much Do You Know’, these billboards will have a series of around 5 questions that will keeping changing in the course of 10-15 seconds. The questions that we have identified are also extremely engaging. For instance: Which is the only snake that builds nest? Or How many golf balls are there on the moon?

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