Info Edge Buys MakeSense For $ 1.5Million & Hopes To Bolster Its Recruitment Portal owner Info Edge has bought MakeSense Technologies Pvt. Ltd for US$ 1.5 Million (Rs. 8 Crores). The company develops ancillary products to help sifting through databases of recruitment portals. Founded in 2009, MakeSense has developed a proprietary solution that makes the job of both recruiters as well as job-seekers a little simpler.


Built on a library of over 1 Lakh telltale patterns of skills & expertise, designations, companies and industries, MakeSense’s technology is able to ‘judge & predict’ what a person is searching for. Hence, the results are much more relevant to the searcher. With semantic algorithms being used which rely on patterns & not keywords, everything runs on Natural Language Processing (NLP).

What is NLP?

The technology is ironically used by almost all humans when interacting. It is basically trying to understand the meaning of the sentences while giving lesser emphasis on the actual words used. Thereby computers mimic ‘Human Understanding’. As if this smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) was any less, MakeSense has extended the capability to IVR-based candidate screening too.

Info Edge did manage to get a good deal for the entire company & its unique in-house developed products because, besides this smart AI, the company will come in handy for large scale data analytics based on such varied parameters including salary standards, company rankings, demographic & geographic profession distribution.

Not that Naukri lacks such fundamental capabilities MakeSense’s technologies should be instrumental to bolster the online recruitment website & further its stand as a provider of the right talent. Often, large corporations rely on such companies to do their preliminary segregation for them. Do you think such inorganic expansion will offer more benefits than an in-house developed solution?

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