Times Internet Announces Gaana’s Windows Phone App And Shows A Preview Of Gaana+

Times Internet launched the mobile apps for its music streaming service Gaana recently in mid-January. Since then the company has announced that their apps have been downloaded more than 500,000 times. Gaana’s apps cover most of the mobile platform spectrum with support for Android, iOS, J2ME and Blackberry (even BB10).  There is still something big cooking up at Gaana though! Today, Times Internet CEO, Satyan Gajwani posted an official blogpost which gave out some information about the upcoming features for the music streaming service.

Firstly, Gaana is going to add support for another mobile platform. Their Windows Phone app is currently in the final stages of development and should be out in the next few weeks, according to Satyan. Here’s the screenshot of that app.


Gaana will also be taking a leaf from the books of other freemium music streaming services like Spotify, Saavn and others by introducing a Gaana+ feature onto the service. This seems to be a pro feature which will allow offline listening of your favorite songs. Here’s a sneak preview of the pro features.

Besides the offline listening feature, the service is going to have a dynamic streaming option which you can set. You will be able to stream songs songs at different bitrates thus giving you a better choice over the quality of songs. You will be able sync your offline songs across multiple devices. You will also be able to make playlists and save them to listen later when you are offline.

There is no information as to the pricing of Gaana+ but I have a feeling that it will match the rates of Saavn Pro (releasing on March 1st). In fact, it is possible that Gaana+ will cost lesser than Saavn Pro because of the competitive edge in the segment. Gaana was sort of dormant (on product development)  for quite a bit of time and this gave competitors, Saavn and Dhingana enough space to go ahead and drive adoption among Indian music fans. To offset the time lost, Times Internet seems to be driving product development at a surprising pace. To release apps and features across the multiple  platforms in such a short amount of time is rare, especially among Indian tech companies.

According to Satyan, Gaana+ will be available in March but no specific date has been given out. We will keep you posted if there are any other updates.

Story Source | Times Internet Blog

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