Microsoft Launches Internet Explorer 10 With Hopes To Lure The Customer

Microsoft recently launched Internet Explorer 10 in Seattle to million of new users. The internet browser has a touch friendly operating system and is aimed to lure customers for Windows 8 based devices. Internet explorer has been pervasive as the PC dominated the computing paradigm with windows as the primary choice of operating system. While the browser has got generally good reviews, it has not received the accolades of being better than either the Chrome  or Firefox browser.


Microsoft has been renovating its services for a while now. After the realization dawned upon the giant that it needs to reconsider some market and innovation strategies, the company shifted the user base to Outlook from Hotmail. It has also established a distinct ad platform for dedicated advertisement handling.

Microsoft has been struggling with its products on both the software and hardware front. Microsoft’s touch tablet surface has been struggling to find a footing in the market and the dedicated user base is flimsy. The official statement of the CEO of Valve deems windows 8 as “one giant sadness” and unusable. The PC business is on a slump and its market share  continues to be eaten up by handheld computing devices.

Windows 8 has been largely unable to please the majority of users and the attrition of dedicated user base continues. Smart phone and tablet usage based operating software suffered from the lack of a dedicated device by the software giant Microsoft and partnerships that Microsoft undertook with Nokia and HTC for these manufacturers to develop windows 8 based devices has been overshadowed by Samsung and Apple.

In the web Browser fight, Google’s chrome appears to be the winner. Mozilla’s Firefox edges to be a close second. Google’s Chromebook with the added advantage of a cloud experience and online server integration gives it the edge. Google’s pixel is waiting to hit the market and that would hamper Microsoft’s chances to increase its market share in touch devices even more.

Screenshots are posted below.



Image Courtesy |  geekshavelanded

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