Airtel & Opera Make It Easier To Get Mobile Internet With ‘Web Pass’

Airtel, in association with Opera Software has come-up with a simpler technique for its subscribers to avail mobile internet.

Called ‘Web Pass’, the method has been built within the core of Opera’s unique low-resource web-browser ‘Opera Mini’. Targeting users who wish to avail internet on their mobile phones but aren’t aware of the procedures, Web Pass is a minimalist approach that ensures these subscribers secure the same.

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How does Web Pass work?

Essentially it is a shortcut built right into the Opera Mini’s User Interface (UI). Upon clicking the same, users will be directed to a web-page highlighting multiple tariffs of ‘Data Plans’. The user then has to select a plan best suiting his needs & it will be activated. Airtel has wisely chosen Opera & its universally workable product Opera Mini to offer its internet service to Indians. The web browser uses unique data compression techniques to ensure the lowest possible use of bandwidth. This comes in handy to keep the data consumption to a minimum, while at the same time offering the benefit of Mobile Internet. Though many dynamic & multimedia heavy websites either load very slowly or do not load at all, Opera Mini’s compatibility is unquestionably its best aspect.

India’s smartphone wielding population is merely 4% of the total mobile subscribers.The rest are either on basic or feature phones that do not possess the capability of running third-party apps. One thing that we had to deduce was Opera Mini will have to come preinstalled on the phones. Else it will be difficult to download & install Opera Mini & then access the internet activation plans!

Airtel is currently the market leader in terms of mobile subscribers. Do you think Customers will readily avail this feature, which is perhaps a little difficult to comprehend as it is hidden within a browser?

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