Vuclip Launches New Interactive Advertising Unit

Vuclip, a mobile video and media company that delivers over 25 million videos daily to consumers all around the world, unveiled its new ad unit, ‘Slide2Engage‘ at  Ad-Tech, the third edition of the digital marketing event held in Delhi on 21st February. It is a fresh way of displaying ads on the browser version of Vuclip on a smart phone. As soon as you reach the homepage, the Vuclip Slide2Engage unit immediately flashes on the screen. The brand message is displayed on screen for ten seconds so that it can be read and absorbed and the user is then redirected to the homepage If the user is interested in the the ad shown, he can swipe at it to show the next slide which gives more information about the ad.


A while back, Dentsu Digital released iButterfly, an app that captures the essence of intelligent advertising. It combined motion sensors with augmented reality and lets the users capture promotional offers that are flying about in the form of digital multicolored butterflies.

Conventional advertising is not enough today as many segments introduce different and brilliant methods. The unit is a novel way to engage users to read the advertisements. It appeals to the user, and the advertiser can deliver their ads with greater impact as there is the aspect of will involved.  This lets the advertisers deliver targeted content such as new product launches, ad campaigns, or surveys. The ad is presented before the site even opens which lets advertisers position their brand perfectly and effectively.

Slide2Engage is intended to allow advertisers to create advertising experience on high-end devices that allows consumers to instantly capture and retain key ad messages in the first view on a smart device. Smart phone revolution and diligent advertising led to new forms of deviated advertising which is a  mash up of user engagement and interactive activity. This technology reflects ad agencies’ priority to connect consumers with brands without friction, while also respecting their time.

Vuclip Slide2Engage is available in the U.S., Indonesia and India.

Image Courtesy |  marketwire

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