BoxTV Signs Up Sony Pictures And Disney UTV As Content Partners; Goes Public

Times Internet’s BoxTV service has come out beta and is now currently available for public viewing. For all those who missed this, BoxTV is a online on demand video service, a concept similar to Netflix and Hulu. Times Internet has also announced that it has partnered with Sony Pictures Television and Disney UTV to get some premium content onto the platform.


BoxTV currently has TV shows, short films, documentaries etc. which can be accessed via the web, mobile apps and special boxes like Roku, Woxi and EvoTV. The service will cater largely to Indian consumers and will have features like bandwidth meters, dynamic streaming (depending on connection) and video chapters. The product will also have support for metadata driven search.


Times Internet says that BoxTV currently has around 17,000 hours of movie content counting Hollywood blockbusters and 5000 hours of TV shows which are also largely US based shows. The company has said that it also offers a large selection of regional content from across India. BoxTV has partnerships with UTV Motion Pictures, Shemaroo Entertainment, Rajshri Entertainment in order to deliver Bollywood and regional movie content. The company’s partnership with Disney UTV, Sony Pictures and Celestial Entertainment  will allow it to get all the latest premium Hollywood content.

Satyan Gajwani, CEO of Times Internet spoke about the new developments,

“We are very excited about the agreements we have forged with premium International studios. BoxTV is a one-stop source for all video entertainment and we strive to consistently deliver greater value to our customers by bringing the best anytime, anywhere entertainment on multiple platforms. With these partnerships, we provide our users access to a vast content library of popular choices to watch.”

BoxTV is superbly cross-platform. Currently it supports Web, iOS (phone and tablet), Android (phone and tablet), Kindle Fire, EvoTV, Woxi Pod and Roku. Support has been promised for Windows 8, J2ME and Blackberry although no date has been officially given.



Users will be able to access BoxTV via a wide range of apps on the platform of their choice.  The service will be available across iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets; Kindle Fire, EvoTV, Woxi Pod and Roku.  Apps for Windows 8, J2ME and Blackberry platforms are currently in the pipeline.

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