Eduardo Saverin Is Gung Ho About Investing In Asia

Eduardo Saverin, co-founder of Facebook, recently expressed his interest to be a successful Asia-based technology investor. Eduardo moved to Singapore four years back; however, he hardly made any statement in public. While attending a conference hosted by Wall Street Journal Eduardo stated that Asia holds huge opportunity for technology investors like him.

Eduardo’s role in the movie The Social Network made him quite famous. Forbes magazine listed him as the eighth-richest person in Singapore in 2012 with a fortune of $2.2 billion. However, according to this 30 year old Brazilian tech-investor, “I don’t really look at money as something I need. I just want to be happy.”


He is, of course, not on a mission to recreate Facebook. “Every step of my life is not about creating a new Facebook or something new necessarily that goes and gets distributed to a billion-plus people,” he said. “It’s about making sure that what I do is fulfilling both to myself and others in the world,” he added.

While speaking about Asia, Eduardo said,

“Asia is, whether you look at internet growth, mobile growth, it’s the centre in terms of where the user and consumer base will be in the future.”

And he is not alone; a lot of investors have started taking interest in Asia based startups of late. Entrepreneurial activities are rising in Asia. Faruq Ahmad, entrepreneur, advisor and Stanford Grad, said in his article,

“While this will indeed be the Asian century, it is links to the United States, and to Silicon Valley in particular, that will be vital to growing the pie and to globalizing the benefits of innovation. At the end of the day it is about the movement of people and ideas, and the alumni of institutions such as Stanford will play a key part.”

Recent StravCorp story explains the US investors are taking interest in Southeast Asia of late. Sramana Mitra, an entrepreneur and strategy consultant in Silicon Valley and founder of One Million by One Million, a case study based learning program provider for entrepreneurs, has said on her blog,

“People become entrepreneurs for two reasons: either they have a chip on their shoulder, and have something to prove to themselves and to the world around them. Or, they want to afford a lifestyle that is substantially above their current means. India is banking on the motivation of the former category alone, to find its technology entrepreneurs.”

Entrepreneurship can boost a country’s economy. And it can have huge social impact as well. Though not compulsory, a lot of entrepreneurs become successful by bootstrapping, investment comes as a big support for the entrepreneurs. What matters more for entrepreneurs is mentorship. Hope investors will take steps to nurture the ecosystem of the region as well by providing proper education.

Image Courtesy |  fastcompany

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