American Express Tries To Boost Online Credit Card Usage With ‘ezeClick’

Online Shopping is known for its simplicity, efficiency & speed. However, its major concern has always been the last but most important step –   Payment. Credit Cards are a workable option, but the need to input multiple details is often cumbersome. To ease the online shopper’s payment procedure Payment Processing Company American Express which also offers its own branded Credit Card has come up with an  online solution  called ‘ezeClick’.

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One ID solution dubbed ezeClick is essentially a replacement procedure that aims to do away with entering details like Card Number, Expiry Date, Security Code, without which a transaction cannot be completed. Entering multiple details was perceived as a security arrangement to prevent unauthorized usage of the credit card by other that than the rightful owner. However, these measures were actually becoming bothersome. Customers needed quick methods to complete their purchases. However, banks must have security protocols that still prevent usage by anyone else.

How does it work?

Though we would have relished the idea of our retina or finger-prints to be used as security measures, unfortunately these require additional authenticating hardware. Instead, ezeClick relies on the relatively modern, but still traditional technique of One Time Password (OTP). To use ezeClick customers have to first register their cards & procure ezeClick ID. There is an option to sync multiple credit cards with a single ID. Thereafter, whenever a customer reaches the payment stage on any online shopping portal, he will be prompted to enter his ezeClick ID. Subsequently, he will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number. Entering this will complete the transaction.

Though American Express has not confirmed the list of participating or compatible online shops, it says travel, retail, utilities, apparels and entertainment related portals should have this single ID payment procedure enabled by now. Do give it a try & let us know your experience.

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