Yahoo Is Collaborating With Facebook In Order To Become More Social

Since Marissa Mayer has come onboard as the CEO of Yahoo Inc., she has been putting into effect some very interesting strategies designed to get the former Internet giant to the forefront.

The focus is clearly on mobile and this shows when you look at the strategic acquisitions and deals that the company has done in the last few months. The company has acquired startups like, On The Air and Alike, finalized a search deal with Google and revamped some products like Yahoo Mail. There are no clear indicators as to how these decisions have helped the company till now.


However, now we have news that Yahoo has another big name to add to its partnership list. This time it is Facebook! Reuters reports that the company has tied up with Facebook to make Yahoo more social than before. The Yahoo website will now have features like news feed and likes. Users will now also be able to sign into Yahoo by using their Facebook accounts. This Facebook integration will result in users getting access to Facebook’s data on their friends and contacts. They will be able to see content like posts, articles, birthdays and events. Specific details on this integration have not yet been made public but we can expect to see them soon. Yahoo is also going through a huge design makeover as we all know that Yahoo’s current design is dated.

It is interesting to watch how the company under Marissa’s leadership manages to navigate away from redundancy and declining revenues and establish itself in a better position this year.

Source | Reuters

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