txtWeb Releases One Android App To Rule Them All!

Intuit’s txtWeb was already doing some good work by making small sms based apps which would help those who are still unable to access the internet to do so in a simple way. This meant that the apps were strictly for those who were on feature phones, mostly without internet access. Now the company has surprised us pleasantly by announcing its Android app which combines the good apps developed on the txtweb platform and bringing them to the popular mobile platform. This Android app can let you access around 150 active apps on the txtWeb apps on the platform. txtWeb in general has around 3000 apps on its platform.

The app has categories within which you can start using the txtWeb apps as per your specific purpose. Categories include social, sports, latest news, financial tools, games, etc. all which is good consumable information. The app works with or without data connectivity which is a definite plus. When not connected the app uses SMS as a retrieval mechanism for data. When data is on, you don’t have to rely on the SMS feature. This is an excellent thing, as it gives you full control over how you can use it rather than annoying you with SMSs. You can opt-out of the SMS delivery anytime.

Manish Maheshwari, Director at txtWeb spoke about the new app,

“The txtWeb platform has over 3000 apps making it one of the fastest ways to make content and services available over SMS across India. Already, more than 5 million mobile users access a range of information without internet via txtWeb. With this new txtWeb Android app, we are targeting smartphone users and widening reach by empowering them with access to quick information on the move.”

I gave it a go and even though the app sports a rather poor design, the utility that it provides cannot be understated. Our dependence on online and data can give us a rather rude shock when the data network isn’t connected. txtWeb’s app combines both the worlds to give a better experience.  Also, going Android is a really good strategy since phones utilizing the platform are selling like hot-cakes in the country. The adoption and usage of the apps will thus be guaranteed.

Check this app out and tell us how you like it.

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