TimesJobs Launches Resumax, An Online Resume Analyzer

TimesJobs has announced a new product which seeks to help potential job-seekers improve their resumes. This product is called Resumax and it is an online service which can instantly assess the ‘impact’ of the a resume and score it based on certain established parameters. The service also provides feedback for improvement.

The service has been launched in partnership with VMock and TimesJobs says that there is a patent pending for the platform. They also claim that this is the world’s first resume builder that can instantly analyze and score a resume in addition to giving targeted feedback. That might not be strictly true since I managed to find many other tools that did the same thing, prominent among them being RezScore.

Many job oriented online services have traditionally provided professional resume writing services, but this is a new one in the Indian scenario. Resumax will definitely cut down the waiting time in this case. Resumax runs on algorithms that have been constructed by taking the best practices in resume writing into account.  The score given by Resumax is called an ‘RScore’ which seems to be trademarked. This score is based on overall presentation, impact of content and Soft Skills.

Amit Jain, Business Head at TimesJobs.com spoke about the new product,

“Resumes are the core of any job seekers profile however recruiters are increasingly spending less and less time filtering through candidate resumes. It is therefore imperative for job-seekers to have resumes that pop! We are excited to introduce the unique Resumax solution to help jobseekers build world-class resumes that can clear the 30-second scan test.”

Personally, I believe that resume writing is a subjective thing and cannot be assessed properly by algorithms. Best practices often change and these days visual resumes and infographics are also being used to display professional information in a much nicer way. The Resumax service will be able to help with template type resumes but do not expect it to be the end all or be all of resume analysis services.

You can try out the service for free and let us know what you think.

Trial Link | Resumax

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