Microsoft Starts The Long Due Shift From Hotmail To Outlook

When Microsoft launched last year, it was certain that sooner or later it will phase out its regular email service, it was just a matter of when, and now it is final. Microsoft is officially shifting its services from Hotmail to and it aims to shift all the users by the end of the year. It would face certain difficulties as people don’t like change and there is a large amount of population that is not so tech savvy and would consider the change a hassle. The change that Microsoft is planning to induce to shift the users would be gradual. Hotmail users would get alerts and notifications that will inform them about the change. is hosted on a completely different server as so the shift, of all things would prove to be taxing.

Microsoft has been going through a rough patch for the last couple of months as smart phone sector success has been failing and PC business is being chewed up by the mobile and tablet revolution. Microsoft has been waiting for a breakthrough and has been trying to renovate and innovate through various updates and rolling out new products. Even the collaborations with PC vendors for Windows 8 and Windows RT was shaky and Nokia partnership is still to find its footing with the customers. Microsoft is still one of the oldest and strongest players when it comes to market prowess and the recent developments have shown that.

Microsoft is apparently practicing what it preached. The new outlook interface looks pretty uncluttered and it claims that the users won’t be obliged to have ads on their person to person email messages. It would however showcase ads on the email homepage. Microsoft also would steer clear of all the unpopular moves that Google made that miffed its customers and regular users like it stopped providing Google apps to businesses for free to provide a better paid for experience.

Microsoft claims that Outlook serves 60 million users, and that one third of them are Gmail users. It says that majority have defected from Gmail while others still use the service. Gmail serves over 420 million users and Yahoo over 230 million. Once Microsoft shifts all the users from Hotmail to Outlook, It would approximately be the size that any other big email provider is. It would be a good market strategy. Users are bound to get attracted to Outlook as the interface is nice and clean, and yes, Blue.

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