Britain Extends Hands To Setup Joint Cyber Security Taskforce With India

In the upcoming meeting between British Prime Minister David Cameron and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh here in New Delhi, the two nations will supposedly agree upon jointly setting up a task force against Cyber Crime.

The outcome of the meeting, among other things is primarily focused on enhanced collaborative efforts pertaining to computer & mobile data clarified a statement from the British Prime Minister’s Office, “The two leaders are expected to agree a substantial strengthening of practical co-operation between British and Indian authorities to increase the security of British and Indian computer networks and to help defend them against cyber-attacks by terrorists, criminals and hostile states

Why does Britain need to seek India’s assistance?

Interestingly, a lot of the nation’s sensitive data is stored & managed from Indian shores. Owing to substantial cross-country outsourcing & MNCs having dual infrastructure, even personal banking and mobile phone data of millions of Britons, is here in India. This puts Britain in a very precarious position. The Indian Govt. has exhibited an intense interest in Cyber-security. It is well aware of the pitfalls to ignore the growing menace of cyber-crime & has even gone to great lengths to voice its concern. Besides, India has one of the most elite computer science divisions that offer valuable input & timely intervention should a need arise.

We even reported earlier how India was very keen to get itself certified as a Cyber-Secure Nation. Britain must surely feel if India can try & lay claim to this title, it must indeed possess the relevant infrastructure to safeguard virtual assets stored on servers on its sovereign land. Despite the appearance of secure borders, the incidences & losses are predicted to rise. Realizing this some large corporations recently joined hands for India’s sake. Let’s see if this effort bears any substantial results. What do you think?

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