Apple Launches Apple TV In India For Rs.7900

Apple TV has apparently been launched in India, according to a report from BGR India. Although no one in the Apple Franchise business can confirm receipt of the stock, the device page is live on the Apple website. The price of the Apple TV is Rs. 7900. The device sells for $99 in the US.

Although they call it Apple TV, it is not TV in the sense that me and you know it. It is a multimedia streaming device and use iOS apps to get the content streamed to you via Internet. You can buy content and movies from iTunes and store it on the iCloud which makes it possible for you to access it on your other devices as well. The device also comes with Airplay functionality which is basically streaming content wirelessly between devices. Here are the full specs for the device.

Apple recently launched its iTunes store in India. The launch of Apple TV thus makes it clear in our minds that Apple does have some plans for the country. We wrote earlier about how Apple was making inroads into the country and may ultimately look at increasing its presence in the country.

I, however, do not see Apple TV or any other multimedia streaming TV being adopted enthusiastically soon. The majority of the TV watching population in India is hooked to Satellite television. Providers should make content available on services like Youtube or comparable apps and then both platforms could be seen as equal in terms of content. Another problem is the average low Internet speeds in the country. This will keep products like these limited to cities. However, it is nice to know that if and when we transition to web based content viewing, we will have a range of devices to choose from.

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