Webchutney’s FITH Media Launches New Game Called ‘Nikal Padi’; We Take A Look

WebChutney has unveiled its gaming business, FITH Media with a game called “Nikal Padi.” FITH stands for Fire in the Hole, and it is almost fitting that the first game be on potty humor. This app is a regular game with a twist in the storyline. There are a lot of games made in which you have to rotate pipes and make a path from water to drain or similar concepts in progressively difficult paths. What sets this apart is the storyline. You have to find a way to get water from a main pipeline to a bucket with a guy in dire need of water so he can answer the nature’s call. 

There is a timer with a countdown depending on difficulty, and you will not like to fail at this game, for if you do you will see your screen smeared with contents of the boy’s discomfort. A good thing about the game is that it is focused on the Indian youth with everything being in Hindi.

A factor in FITH’s favor would be the lack of advertisements and the whole game being free of monetization. While the concept is very creative, the game in itself is quite boring and after a point, repetitive. The concept is overdone and one will find a variety of similar games on the internet. The level selection page is picked from Angry Birds, and the game also has the same rating feature.

Another major drawback is the file size of 12MB, it’s simply gigantic, especially for download in 2G. It is only available for download on Android devices, thought the first game by WebChutney, “Chidiya Udi” was only available on the Apple App store. Diversifying to the open source Android was long overdue.

While I am not sure about the message FITH is trying to send by making potty humor the subject of its first game, but the market for games is fickle, and it may go down well with the youth of India. Since the game is in Hindi throughout, right from its name, it will have little international appeal. But I believe that with this game, FITH Media is only testing the waters. This could be sort of a feeler for what sells and what market trends are like, hence the option for feedback. The comments on the Google Play Store tell the same story, while the users are amused by the smoothness of the game; some of them are expecting games built around different themes.

Rating | 3/5

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