Indian Consumers Check Brands’ Social Media Pages Regularly: Report

Giving credence to the fact that different countries and regions have different social media habits, a study conducted by Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global @dvisor has shown that Indian social media users and consumers are mostly likely to check a brand’s social media pages. The study was conducted for the month of November last year and shows quite a disparity between different geographies and their social media habits with respect to brands and their social presence.

According to the report, countries in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American region are showing a rising trend in terms of checking a brand’s social media presence while other established and mature Internet markets like Western Europe and North America are mostly not bothered to do so.

According to this chart from the report, it seems that Asia Pacific countries like India and Indonesia have a significant number of people who check a brand’s social page. The number declines when you see more established markets like South Korea, Australia and Japan. 40% of Indian users said that they were very likely to check brand pages while 35% Indonesians also agreed with this. Latin American countries like Brazil and Mexico are also seeing this behavior.

It is interesting to note that social engagement with brands seems to be indirectly proportional to the maturation of a particular market. India, Indonesia and Latin American countries like Brazil fall under emerging markets. The Internet penetration especially in India is roughly around 10% and that figure doesn’t even scratch the surface of potential that India has as an Internet market. Brands also need to realize that this report sort of throws open a  window into how consumers will respond to social once the market matures. This means that Indian brands need to be innovative from here on so that they can gain the attention of its audience in a better way. Once the market matures, this may not be easy.

Full Report | Socialogue: Take a Look Behind You

Story and Graph Source | DazeInfo

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