Google To Open Retail Stores Across The US

There is word around the block that the internet giant Google is about to take a step out of the virtual businesses and put it into the physical retail business. Well, we were not completely taken aback when the speculations started because Google has been developing products which it has launched through internet commerce and pop-up stores in best buys across US. The report was put on the dedicated Google tracker blog called 9to5Google and it says that Google is in the process of building stand alone retail stores and retail chains across the states.

Google has been the undisputed ruler of the internet for half a decade now. Google provides services to businesses, has impeccable free services for its regular customers, its own open source platforms, a cloud service and hardware that it launched not so long ago. Google was doing business happily in the virtual world and if someone was to speculate, Google would be the last name to come to mind as the company which would enter the physical retail scene but a quick review of the business path that Google is on justifies the need for outlets that let customers experience the products first hand.

Google Glasses, the project that is currently picking up pace at the Google labs demanded a store which could let customers experience the technology and ‘hold’ the product in their hands and play with it before they shell out $500 – $1000 for it. The Apple stores give the consumer a chance to visualize the change in technology and experience the look and feel of the product.

Google needs to push out its products as it now has a growing catalog of hardware products. It has the Nexus 7, the Chromebook, it has the Play Store and Google TV for the software support. It also has a lot of products in the pipeline that would need the outlets when they are ripe technologies and ready to enter the market, like X-phone, X-tablets and driverless cars and of course Google Glasses.

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