Intel Ventures Into The Internet TV Market To Balance Between The Pressure Of The Market & Expectations Of Customers

Intel, diverging away from its regular business of making processors is launching an internet TV service which would provide premium content on demand to its customers. Intel has been working for a couple of months to set up Intel media, a new group focused on developing an internet platform. It aims to create a superior experience for the end user as compared to other internet platforms that provide similar services. The service would be accompanies by a set top box that Intel’s¬† employees are testing currently for bugs and fixes. Intel also plans to collaborate with content providers to chalk out an optimum plan for its customers. In order to stand out, it would offer live programming and also on-demand content. The ease and convenience and availability would be the key selling factors for the service.

Technology sector is the one that drives all the other sectors of the market. Since the PC business lift off, there was unprecedented growth in that sector and common public saw changes in the trends that changed their lives. Social media, smart phones, tablets, location based services, navigation and countless other features that were unimaginable took the market by storm and somewhere, the PC business slowed down to a slump. There is a trend in the market these days which is very noticeable and indicative of the fact that that big wigs of the PC sector have taken notice of that and they are venturing into areas that are more popular at the current scheme of things.

For example, HP recently launched connected music to go along with its beats audio enhancement for its laptops.

The recent decision of Intel to foray into a segment which it has little idea about puts the operations team of the company to the test. Intel, in this market area is pitted against Apple, Google and numerous other small names like iStream and Netflix. The estimated worth of the TV market is $100 billion and the big players believe that it is ready for a change and internet would be the prime mover of that change. Intel really has to balance between the customer expectations and content providers while managing a perfect sound and picture quality.

Let’s see how it pans out for the new entrants.

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