Saavn Has Announced Saavn Pro With Offline Music Syncing And An Ad Free Experience

Saavn has announced their premium subscription product called Saavn Pro. The new service will be available first on iTunes on March 1st. Support for other platforms like Android and feature phones has been confirmed by the company but this will come in later. With this subscription service, Saavn becomes the first such streaming platform to get a pro feature.

Saavn Pro is meant be your constant music companion and as such has transcended the streaming segment. Songs on Saavn’s catalogue will be available offline to pro subscribers. Saavn Pro will support this offline sync for a  maximum of 5 devices per user. This feature is similar to what Google has done with Google music. An important new feature of Saavn pro is the ad-free listening. If you are a subscriber on pro, ads on the normal Saavn service will also be removed. This is a welcome development. Choice is very important and users should be given the opportunity to choose if they want advertising or not. The offline syncing is available over both WiFi and normal data networks but syncing over WiFi is recommended. Pro users will also get access to superior music quality as the company will be making 320kbps audio available to Saavn Pro users in the coming weeks.

Rishi Malhotra, president and co-founder of Saavn spoke about the development,

“We’ve always focused on building the best music products in the world. In listening to our loyal users, we’ve found that offline music access is the number one feature people are asking for. We are delighted to launch Saavn Pro and it’s an important milestone for the company and the industry. People have been taking their music offline for years, but it’s never been this easy and natural. We’ve built a premium music product that’s really a joy to use.”

Saavn is accepting early interest registration on its website and has claimed that around 10,000 people have signed up for it already. There will be a 30 day free trial post which Saavn will charge $3.99 per month through their Apple ID in this case. You will be able to activate Saavn Pro directly from their mobile devices in addition to the web. The pricing is very decent because you can access all of Saavn’s 1.1 million song database at your comfort.

You can watch the Saavn Pro video here.

Early Registration | Saavn Pro

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