Marissa Mayer Acts On The Mobile Space Strategy; Buys Restaurant Search App Called Alike

Yahoo has recently bought the app startup Alike, an app designed for people to find restaurants they would like. Yahoo Inc. has been chamfering the rough edges of its business strategy for a while now and since the company has had its new chief executive officer, Marissa Mayer, the once undisputed champion of the internet world has now found its footing again. Though still a bit rocky, the model on which Marissa has been working is beginning to bear fruit. The company was able to register a growth in the revenues for the first time in four years. One of the key segments that Marissa is working on while being at the helm for Yahoo is its existence in the mobile space. Yahoo is treading with caution in the app and smartphone integration business.

Marissa indicates at pruning the set of apps that Yahoo currently boasts of in its portfolio currently. It would aim at maintaining the quality and design that pleases and serves the customer in an effective way rather than having a slew of apps that serve no good purpose. The company would ideally cut down the number of apps from the current 60-75 to about 12.

While some might think that the current move of buying the startup Alike would go against the policy but Yahoo was looking for a location based lifestyle suggestion app. Yahoo released Flickr and Yahoo mail apps last year. All the new apps it launches are of a different genre and are aimed at excellence. Though there are other apps that cater to the same customers that Alike does but with Yahoo, the concept could go a long way.

Marissa has been stringent when it comes to alliances and acquisitions. She was quick to point out that the Microsoft search partnership didn’t bring about the necessary and projected revenue and market share gains. This decisive attitude towards company’s future has brought about winds of change. Company’s top performing officials are now seeing a good future ahead for Yahoo and there is reduced attrition rate.

The overall result is that Yahoo’s shares went up and Marissa Mayer’s not so well articulated strategy ameliorated Yahoo’s stock and online trading image to a sizeable extent which reflected in stock prices.

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