HealthStart Plans To Launch Its Startup Accelerator To Help Entrepreneurs In Health Care Sector

Healthcare sector has always been the one sector where the confluence of possibly every stream of science happens – Medicine, Engineering, Software application and database research. Healthcare startups are some of the most returning startups there ever were, after probably real estate. A lot of entrepreneurs are starting in up healthcare because of the impact of action and especially in India, where the market is wide open and the bottom of the pyramid just waiting to be tapped. HealthStart Ptv. Ltd. gauged the situation of the market and the inflow of new ideas and has decided to launch a healthcare entrepreneur incubator in Delhi to incubate around 15-20 startups with a seed capital of up to $100,000 this year.

With an aim to promote an ecosystem that nurtures entrepreneurship in the health care space, Health start will essentially focus on players that have technology at their core and which have low cost and efficient methodologies driving their business models. They also will focus on players that will bring mobile technologies into picture. This would be an apt road to tread in the Indian rural context where people don’t have access to either a doctor or a healthcare expert. They have been startups earlier which focused on one click diagnosis or remote diagnosis.

Health Start is planning to go one step further and supplement the ideas of the entrepreneurs with capital and infrastructure. Its policy is to study the idea and decide upon any possible help that could be imparted. Ready to operate working space, basic amenities like offices, computers and internet connection so that the management team works on the plan rather being tangled with making the two ends meet.

Healthstart aims to incorporate techniques with which Indian startups would function smoothly in a diverse space like India. It also looks towards promoting the startups abroad in areas with similar per capita income and demographic/geographic constraints and also overseas startups that could make a mark on the Indian healthcare scene. Usually what happens when a venture capitalist invests in an idea is that idea comes under a lot of pressure of performance to deliver the set economic goals. While trying to set up a business and trying to generate revenues at the same time, businesses often have to shift focus, which should not happen in the case of HealthStart as it seems pretty focused to affect change.

To be launched on 15th February, 2013 at the India Habitat Center, it would definitely attract the Indian entrepreneur.

Story & Image Source |  vccircle

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