Cleartrip’s Pricewatch Aims To Save Your Money While Booking International Flights

Cleartrip has announced a new service for International flights called Pricewatch. True to its name, the service tracks the often volatile pricing of International flights after you have booked a ticket  and books a cheaper ticket for you on the same flight. The difference is then given back to the customer.

Here is an excerpt from the official Cleartrip blogpost which explains the process.

“As soon as you book an international flight on Cleartrip, Pricewatch kicks in and begins monitoring airfares for your trip. If the fares for the flights you’ve booked falls by more than the associated change fees, Pricewatch automatically reprices your tickets to give you the cheaper fare. And, of course, Pricewatch automatically gives you money back to the tune of the difference.

For example, let’s say you booked a one-way Mumbai – London flight on British Airways (BA 138) today for Rs. 32,000 for departure on the Ides of March (March 15). Pricewatch will immediately begin tracking the cheapest fare for your flight (BA 138). And, let’s say the fare drops to Rs. 27,000 before your departure date with an additional Rs. 2,000 as the airline amendment fees. Pricewatch will automatically rebook the user on the cheaper fare and refund you Rs. 3,000.”

This is seriously fantastic as it now will save you some good amounts of cash, especially if you are a regular traveler abroad. Pricewatch will also send you an updated e-ticket which has the new PNR number. Prices can drop more than one time and Cleartrip has made it clear that Pricewatch will only re-book your ticket and refund your money on the first such price drop. Users should note that Pricewatch may affect your frequent flier miles awarded by an airline.

If it behaves as it is communicated then this will be the first time that such a tool has been put into place by an Indian company to go ahead and save their customers some decent amount of money. This will rid the traveler of unnecessary speculation and anguish whenever they book an International flight.

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