Times Mobile Launches GreetZAP, A New Way To Send Greetings To Your Loved Ones

Times Mobile Ltd has chosen the week leading up to the Valentine’s Day to announce its gifting app GreetZAP. Meant to be used by the common smartphone user to gift unique Voice enabled physical greeting cards, the app will also allow sending mobile / digital greetings as well.

Gifting can be easily done via the multiple applications of e-commerce companies out there. However, what sets this application apart is the ability to send physical greeting cards personalized with the senders’ own voice. In order to do so, the user has to choose a greeting card & record his or her message or emotions via the smartphone itself & the card with the embedded sound will be hand-delivered to the recipient.

Though timed perfectly for the hugely popular Valentine’s Day, the app clearly has a lot of potential for lots of other occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries etc. In other words, any occasion to which one cannot physically attend, can be ‘managed’ by sending out a personal message recorded in a greeting card. Currently, the application is allowing sending one SMS & one greeting free as a promotional campaign.

However, subsequent greetings will be charged at Rs. 299 (inclusive of delivery charges). Apart from Physical Greetings, which is clearly a primary monetization strategy, GreetZAP users can also convey their feelings via SMS & even digital greeting cards. A little digging also revealed the ability to send flowers.

Besides the seemingly high cost of sending a single Voice Recorded Greeting card, we couldn’t help but wonder why launch a separate app for just this purpose? Times Mobile, via its sister concern IndiaTimes Shopping has a mobile app that can be employed to purchase & gift. Launching a separate app might get this particular feature some traction, but it certainly decentralizes the appeal of shopping via mobile phones. What do you think?

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