Hammer Is Global Discussion And Opinion Board: Our First Impressions

Americos Technologies has launched a new comparison and opinion based social network. Before you ask how it differs from any other social network, which lets you do that, we have to say that this new service called the Hammer will only function as a broad base for people to compare and give their opinions on anything under the planet. Basically, it seeks to be a discussion community and give people some insights into things and questions that they never knew before. Hammer is basically being marketed as a community of people who will help each other out and based on similar interests connect with other people on the network. This platform is also being launched as a global platform.

I checked out the platform and it looks good! The whole thing gets some time to get used to but it is pleasing to the eye and the design has been thought through by keeping the user in mind.

Hammer maybe a discussion and opinion network but it has very similar features to many modern social networks. Accounts, friending, upvote/downvote, news, broadcasting your questions etc. are some of the features which make the service very similar social networks.

Users can either post their opinions, compare opinions or read the news. That is the core functionality of the service. The rest of the features are based on the developing community bit. You can post a question and attach an image. The targeting that is offered is very nice and gives multiple categories for you to choose from and ultimately makes the content on the website very specific.

At the time of checking, the opinion and news content was a little limited. The service will need massive adoption so that the mass of people using it can make it possible to detect trending opinions or a general lay of the land with relation to a product. If this takes off, then most brands will have to check this platform and check what is being said about them there. At the same time, brands can get some good market research or brand research done by posting questions and seeing trends. But all this requires traction and that will take time. The news section is not very well implemented. It could be made better and have bigger content windows than the ones they have currently. The potential problem they face is spam. The website says that there will only be real people on the service. That is may not always be true since many spammers can easily get past signing up and put up content. How Hammer goes about this remains to be seen. The icon based design is good but it is way too much for a first timer to learn and memorize.  Check the image below.

The company has said that their mobile apps are coming soon for iOS and Android. This will definitely boost the platform as posting opinions and discussions will be easier on the move.  I like the platform’s functionality but it still needs a lot of tweaking and an increased userbase.

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