Out Of The 100-150 Million Internet Users In India, 71 Million Are Hooked To Facebook

Give that we just published a post that says people are no longer hooked to Facebook, this post is sure to shock. But here is the deal. While users in the US are slowly yet surely shying away from Facebook addiction, Indians – India is one of the top 3 fastest growing internet markets in the world – are getting hooked to this social site.

According to data released by Facebook, the site in December 2012, recorded 71 million (54%) monthly active users. This means that more than ahalf of India’s internet population is Facebook savvy. With these figures, Brazil (67 million monthly active users) and Indonesia (60 million monthly active users) complete the triad that includes India of the fastest growing Facebook markets in the world. On the global scale, the monthly active user numbers reached the 1.06 billion mark.

However, even with such impressive numbers, India – where the Facebook user base increased eight fold in the last two years – only contributes 7% to the total global monthly active users tally. This means that Facebook has an immensely huge market to explore when it comes to this country. Japan, Brazil, and Indonesia are the other markets that Facebook can target to increase customer base and active use.

Here are some statistics from the report:

Daily Active Users (PC)483 million618 million28%
Monthly Active Users (PC)850 million1.06 billion25%
Monthly Active Users (Mobile)432 million680 million57%

A close study of the above figures indicates that a majority of Facebook’s growth is seen in the mobile space. We have pointed this out earlier when we said that the social media giant will have to turn its attention to mobile web to get the next billion. And Facebook seems to know this well as it has turned its attention to mobile by introducing ads, sponsored posts and by spending 20% of all ad spends on the mobile medium. This new found attention seems to be working well as reports suggest that Facebook revenues are increasing thanks to adoption of mobiles. I’d like to point out here that while the use of Facebook on personal computers is not negligible, the future is clearly mobile web.

Keeping these numbers in mind, it would be safe to say that Facebook will have not only look at mobile to attract users but will have to look beyond its current markets and focus its energies on emerging economies. With new offerings and revenue generating techniques, I believe new markets must be on the anvil too. Wouldn’t you agree?

Image Courtesy |  techinasia

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