Welcoming Our Sponsors & Partners For WATSummit 2013

Since our first WATSummit in 2011, we have always aimed to spur discussions and learning pertaining to future of Web, Advertising and Technology by bringing together expert guest speakers and visionaries from the digital and advertising space. This wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors and partners. We would like to take the time to thank them for their  contributions.

ICOMP – Sponsor

ICOMP is an industry initiative for organisations and businesses involved in Internet commerce, particularly online publishers, advertisers, Internet service and network providers, and agencies active in online advertising. ICOMP sponsors conferences and press roundtables, issues policy briefs, conducts consumer research, and advocates generally for a more competitive, transparent, privacy friendly, and secure online marketplace.

More than 60 companies, trade associations, consumer organisations and individuals have endorsed ICOMP’s principles. These members represent 14 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. ICOMP is funded by member contributions as well as sponsorship from Microsoft. Burson-Marsteller acts as its secretariat and Lord Alan Watson is ICOMP’s Chairman.

Linksme –  B2B Partner

LINKSME® enables you to create your own “Virtual Store” where you can display your products / service offerings and sell them to local & global markets. LINKSME® enables Small and Medium Enterprises to leverage its domain and business expertise to achieve time-to-value while ensuring that organization grows stronger and become more competitive in the global business landscape in their go-to-market strategies. Our experience coupled with our global partner’s network allows us to provide the right support and handholding to enable organizations to achieve the desired outcome for their critical challenges and fulfill business needs. Our comprehensive suite of service offerings enables organizations to function efficiently and effectively thereby ensuring optimum utilization of priceless resources.

Indian Television – Online Partners

Indian Television Dot Com (ITV) group founded by Anil Wanvari, a leading television & media industry analyst, has offices in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. Indiantelevision.com is the first online information and interactive service focusing on the Indian TV and Media business. Its user base has grown over the past 10 years; making it India’s most widely read online Media, Advertising, Marketing & Satellite Television resource.

Apart from conceiving and executing promotional campaigns targeted at the Media, Marketing & Television Trade online, Indian Television organizes The Indian Telly Awards, the first & biggest Television awards. ITV has also instituted The News Television Awards and the Indian News Television Summit to cater to the news business, The New Talent Awards to reward debutantes in the television industry for their excellent work. Besides ITV has organized various seminars and events like Ad-Wise, Sports Biz, Qalam, Indian Television Summit, India Broadband Digital Networks Forum, Music Connects, CAS Summit, holding Semi Final Jury Meetings for the iEmmys for the last seven years in Mumbai, thus providing clients with a 360 degree media service and marketing solution.

Adgully – Online Partners

Adgully is a news portal, deals in the domain of advertising, media, marketing and business of entertainment news. The endeavor is to build a comprehensive journalistic culture covering news in the areas of Television, Print Media, Radio, Out of Home, Cinema, Digital, Mobile, Event Management, Sports Marketing, Celebrity Marketing, Direct Marketing, Public Relation, Market Research, Advertising Agencies or new product launches, along with entertainment news. The portal provides insightful viewpoints in the form of interviews, articles and feature stories. Adgully not only disseminates news in these fields but also provides analysis and interpretations in the most responsible manner.  Readers are given the best in-depth analysis, foreseeing an emerging trend and well thought over coverage and that gives Adgully an edge over others in the same space. Staying true to journalism ethics, Adgully ensures only verified facts and that are included in the daily analysis of news.

Mediavtaar – Online Partners

MediAvataar intends to become the most trusted brand of news and intelligence on brands, marketing, media and advertising. We commit to bring out a well balanced content and coverage for the marketing, advertising and media fratenity and reach across various touch points in fiercely competitive market place.

Their goal is to attain excellence and become the most trusted source of information among leaders in the online marketplace and continuously evolve to bring out the best possible information and news to our subscribers and readers.

Social Samosa – Online Partners

Social media is growing. Growing at a pace that defies calibration. In India, as social media usage is on a steep rise, more and more brands are waking up to the power of word of mouth and want to monetize this.

While the Indian Social Media industry still struggles to shape itself, we all have a lot to learn and grow. Social Samosa hopes to become a knowledge repository for thoughts, ideas and dialogue about social media scenario in India. The portal aims to be the enabler of growth of an individual, a brand or an organization within the industry.

Lighthouse Insight – Online Partners

Lighthouse Insights is all about Indian social media news, case studies, researched articles, social media app reviews, how to’s focusing on social networks, information about social media events, social media jobs and expert interviews from the Indian social media industry.

SME World – Online Partners

Despite being the drivers of the economy, the media has rendered little attention to SMEs. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the corporate word the dim and murky world of the ‘Small’ industries fails to draw the limelight. Their concerns and issues conveniently get swept under the carpet. It’s an irony that even after six decades of sweat and toil since independence, the SMEs have still not got their due place of honour in the prestigious columns of our magazines and newspapers.

SME WORLD talks about business not only in terms profitability and growth but in terms of ethics and common social welfare as well. It embraces the humble entrepreneur, whose business merely ensures him a graceful existence. This magazine celebrates the spirit of the small entrepreneur who is constantly under threat from the bigger fishes but survives, owing to the dint of hard work and an undying fire in his belly.

The magazine made its appearance in August, 2008. SME World has since won rave reviews from readers of all ilks, “delightfully readable; out of the box, a sincere effort” and the like.


Registration Link: WATSummit2013 | Venue: The Orchid Hotel, Mumbai | Date: 15th February, 2013

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