Launches Exclusive Microsite For Businesses & Organisations is the one-stop shop for office supplies in the Indian e-commerce space. In an earlier article that we carried on them we introduced you to their business growth strategy. The fact that they were and are selling office supplies for 30%-50% discounts and that they promise to deliver the very next day are the two main reasons behind the success of the site. Not to forget that they are operating in a niche segment with no strong competitors!

Now, taking their offering a step further and with a view to consolidate their position in the market, has decided to launch microsites for specific businesses. This microsite – a dedicated web page or cluster of web pages which offer a defined set of items and cater to a specific audience – will help businesses who are looking for office materials that are specific to their business.

For example, GE will have a microsite dedicated to itself. Here, items that are of intrinsic value to the company will be displayed. This will reduce the time spent in surfing the site and will make it easier to shop.

On a general basis, all microsites will have fixed price levels for different products/categories. This will allow the company representative to shop without having to risk price fluctuations. Additionally, the site will have budgets allocated to specific departments and user groups. This will allow a particular department or employee to shop freely (yet not so much) and once he/she places the order, an email will be sent to the concerned person for approval. This feature will ensure that there is minimum time spent sending emails back and forth between employees and the decision to purchase what and how much is made without much difficulty. All microsites will come with a password protection and can be accessed only by the persons of the company in charge of procurement. Emails will be sent to persons in higher positions whose approval will be needed to sanction the order.

Speaking on this new service, Siddharth Nambiar, co-founder and Managing Director said, “The corporate microsite is a fantastic resource for large businesses – it allows them to manage their procurement in a vastly more efficient way.”

I think this initiative is commendable and will aid offices greatly. Wouldn’t you agree?

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