Social Media Users Going Big Guns On Brand Pages

They say that if you market well, half your work is done. Marketing today is one of the most sought after career choices and also one of the most demanding businesses methodologies that exist. Brands invest heavily in marketing strategies and reap extravagant benefits when done effectively. Social media, apart from being a platform for human interaction and a commonplace fraternization spot, is also proving to be a modern day marketing platform. Brands advertise themselves with links to their sites, and fans stumble upon them, some for general awareness about the brand and some looking for promotional offers and other goodies.

Cisco reported that India is one of the leaders when it comes to spam sources on the internet. Research by Ipsos OTX and Ipsos Global, covering 12,000 respondents from 24 countries, found that nearly 81% of social media users in India regularly and actively check brand pages for offers, discounts and content – far higher than the global figure of 45%. This is attributed to a lot of reasons, increasing internet speeds being one of them. Smartphone revolution is the other. Internet is a phenomenon here and E-commerce, a sub-phenomenon that complements the user expectations out of a shopping experience.

Chart: Do You Check Brands’ Pages On Social Networks Regularly (India Report)Description: Percentage of Internet users in India who Agree/Disagree with the fact that they check Brands’ Pages on Social Networks regularly !Tags: dazeinfo, social mediaAuthor: Dazeinfocharts powered by iCharts

There are other factors that contribute to the overall growth of the Social media scene in India and its abilities to add value to a brand through online campaigns. Internet shopping is gaining credibility fast and this contributes to the overall brand value. Second, this population is a instant gratification. Online shopping websites (also stores) release discount coupons and promotional offers that give the usual customer a greater feel of value for money. If they come across a product which shows a huge discount, they tend to consider buying it even if they don’t need it.

Access and convenience play a part too. People (and cities) who dont have access to brand stores and shops like to go online and find goods and commodities and even luxury products that ship easily.

The average age of the social media users is getting older and more people with discretionary income in their hands join the social media space everyday. According to a report by EnY, 67% of social media users say that it influences their shopping preferences. The nature of social networks is dynamic, and marketers need to recognize that they require active involvement and a willingness to take the good with the bad. Services like Facebook ads and other mobile platforms render the image of a brand to likely go bad due to spam occurrences.

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