Microsoft’s modern.IE Service Will Help Developers To Test Their Websites Across Browsers

In a bid to make the much maligned Internet Explorer more friendly and modern, Microsoft has announced the launch of a free tool and set of resources collectively known as modern.IE. Microsoft says that this initiative is part of its effort to make web development easier. Using the new tool, web developers are expected to spend less time testing their website compatibility across modern browsers.

The company has partnered with BrowserStack which specializes in virtualized browser testing irrespective of OS and platform. Thus developers who use modern.IE and access Browserstack via  the tool will get 3 months of free service. Besides this Microsoft is now making available the free virtual images on multiple platforms like Mac, Linux and PC! The company has also developed Chrome Extensions and Firefox add-ons to help developers to access BrowserStack’s services easily It is very interesting and rather surprising to note that Microsoft is supporting other platforms, given that they have done precious little  of that sort over the years.

Here is a video which explains modern.IE

Here is an excerpt from the  list of features that modern.IE provides:

· Addresses common problems that result from supporting older versions of IE: This wizard detects the most common compatibility issues and help developers find a solution quickly.

· Helps sites work well across browsers, across devices: The wizard also includes a set of emerging best practices on the web that apply to the growing range of form-factors- mobile, desktop, tablets, even large-screen TVs.

· Suggest enhancements to take advantage of new features in Windows 8: This includes suggestions for touch-enabled browsing and Start Screen site tile. These are ways developers can take advantage of Windows to deliver a more personalized browsing experience for their users.

We have written about the new stand that Microsoft seems to be taking with respect to Internet Explorer. They are acknowledging IE’s problems and trying a whole new approach. The new Internet Explorer has seen a complete revamp and has a new direction. Previous versions of IE completely ignored new developments in web technology while other like Firefox, Opera and lately Chrome have gotten ahead because of new innovations. With these new initiatives, Microsoft may just pick up the ball from where they had left it.

Developers, check this one out and let us know what you think of it.

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