Homeshop18 Launches Virtual Shopping Experience At New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport

Homeshop18 has now introduced India’s first virtual mobile aided shopping experience at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport. The e-commerce company has set up a virtual wall at Terminal 3 on the domestic side of the airport.

The virtual wall shows a whole range of premium products like electronics, clothing & accessories and more. Passengers who have time to kill at the terminal can quickly shop for these items and have them delivered to their homes. All you have to do is to scan the QR code displayed beside every item and buy it on the Homeshop18 link that comes.  Besides this, travelers can also order these items via phone calls to Homeshop18’s call centres. Currently, payment methods for this include cash on delivery and the company says that mobile payments will come soon.

Mr. Sundeep Malhotra, Founder & CEO, HomeShop18 spoke about this new virtual experience.

“With the Virtual Shopping Wall, HomeShop18 embarks on the next major journey into mobile-commerce (M commerce). By bringing M-commerce to India, HomeShop18 is taking the convergence of mobile and retail to a new high. The brand today offers the widest portfolio of products, addressing a wide range of consumer needs. Backed by extensive R&D, HomeShop18 is reinforcing its commitment to innovation in offering the best customer experience. The idea behind ‘Scan N Shop’ is to enable tech-savvy, smart-phone and tablet users to experience a smart new way of shopping. In DIAL, we have found a true innovator as a partner. T3 is a marvellous lifestyle destination and ‘Scan N Shop’ couldn’t have found a better location.”

The idea is really good and makes a lot of sense. I have come across this concept before when Tesco Homeplus did a virtual shopping campaign in Korean subway stations. Check it out in the video below.

Adapting it to India will take time but I do see this happening. Airports are the best places for a trial of sorts. Slowly, e-commerce companies will be able to partner with a variety of venues to make it possible to show promotions and special items on any designated wall space thus making e-commerce based product advertising much more effective and the whole shopping process much easier for consumers.

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