8 Essential Tips To Help Your Brand Push Past The 100 Followers Twitter Rut

Twitter can be a very cryptic social media tool for brands that are new to it. If you are a newborn brand in the world of Twitter, it is very likely that you’ve tried to Google what can be done to increase your followers and how to manage your Twitter account effectively. There is no doubt a plethora of information available that will help you go from crawling to baby steps and give your brand the kick-start it needs. However, brands often share concerns about getting stuck around the 100-150 followers range and not being able to grow as speedily after the initial growth spurt.

Here are 8 essential points that will help your brand throw off the nappy, start climbing up the stairs and push past that 100-150 followers rut.

1)  Follow your followers and communicate with them. There is a sense of loyalty that develops when you follow your followers. Even if it’s just the first few 100.  Once they know you’re following them back and you @tag individuals starting conversations, you will bring yourself on their radar and boost your chances of getting more replies and retweets.

2)  Talk about trending topics. They’re trending because people are interested. If something you see on the trending topic list is relevant to your brand or you feel you can genuinely and interestingly contribute to the discussion, then feel free to join in. In fact, feel compelled.

Pay attention to the basic Twitter tools

3)  Make use of the ‘Discover’ tab. Check out the ‘Who To Follow’ section regularly and follow as many people on the list as are relevant to your brand. Also ‘Browse Categories’ and connect with the suggested list of people from the categories that interest your brand.

4)  Develop a strategy. Think of your brand on Twitter as having a personality that you need to start shaping. It’s not just what you say, but also how you say it. Develop your own opinions and add fresh content to the Twitter stream, don’t just regurgitate information that is already present.

5)  Make a calendar of relevant dates. There are several events every month that are universally celebrated. Find out which ones are interesting for your brand to talk about and build small conversation starters around those dates/events. When you’re stuck at a small number of followers, the best way to connect with more is to make your brand visible to a large group of people at the same time. One of the best ways to do this is to talk about universal topics that people are already talking about.

6)  Don’t rely on contests. Most Twitter contests work on the basis of retweeting and @replying. 100-150 followers isn’t an ideal number of followers to run contests. Although the exception to this rule is that you have a strong presence on another platform (like your website or Facebook page) where you can advertise your Twitter contest and re-route followers from there. In this case, make sure your contest runs for a good amount of time and that the freebies you give away are tempting enough.

7)  Avoid services and websites that promise to add followers. Despite it being a popular choice, try and steer clear of services like HitFollow and LetGetMoreFollowers, which often lead to unwanted and untargeted followers. An engaged follower is the true asset. Although you can’t avoid having random users, a solid strategy and consistent communication with the follower might help turn them into an engaged follower.

8)  Lastly, there are no shortcuts. Manual combing at this stage is most effective to get past this 100-150 mark. Your brand on Twitter is still at a stage where it needs a personal push to go viral. Invest that extra time and extra effort to build a two-way relationship with followers and to bring on board new ones until you see the increase in followers becoming more self-sustaining.

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    Great tips!

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