Google+ Is The World’s Second Biggest Social Network; Facebook Ranks No. 1

Question: But who uses Google+?

Answer: 343 million people actively use Google+

If that number didn’t make you jaw drop, I don’t know what will.

For so long we have not paid attention to Google+; always ignoring it and often making fun of it.

However, it turns out that social media network of the search giant as surreptitiously made its way to the top 3 actively used social media networks in the world.

A survey conducted in 31 countries that account for 90% of the world population by Global Web Index showed that Google+ has overtaken Twitter as the second most active site on the social media scene in the last quarter of 2012. The research report showed that 25% of the online population uses Google+ actively as opposed to 51% which accesses Facebook and 21% who visit Twitter and YouTube regularly each month.

In terms of numbers, Facebook has 693 million active users, Google+ has 343 million whereas Twitter has 288 million active users.  In the final rating, YouTube trumped Twitter by a few percentage points whereas LinkedIn ranked number 10 in this report.

When Google+ launched, many users started using the network by default as majority of the world population uses Gmail. In fact, in November and December 2011, the site had 60+ million monthly unique visitors. Since then the network has been relegated in the background with users not taking much to its Twitter and Facebook like appearance and features.

However, it now turns out that the slow horse may end up trumping all others. The fact that it has left Twitter behind is quite an achievement. There wasn’t much information available on the interaction levels of these 300+ million active users, though. I would like to know, I am sure as would you, how often do people interact with each other and with brands on this social media platform. If only a survey was conducted to this effect.

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