We Interview Juvalia & You’s CEO Chaitanya Aggarwal On Its Planned Expansion Into Gujarat & Maharashtra

Juvalia & You is an online imitation jewelry e-commerce platform that was launched in mid-2012. It is India’s first international online jewelry brand and it works on the multi-marketing model.

The brand operates in Delhi/NCR, Chandigarh, Punjab and Mumbai and now intends to enter the Gujarat and Maharashtra markets. We interviewed Mr. Chaitanya Aggarwal, Founder and CEO of Juvalia & You and quizzed him on the expansion plans, the present and future of jewelry e-commerce in India, the growth prospects of the online jewelry segment, among a host of other things.

Read on to know what he had to say and what’s in store for the coming year.

Why the decision to expand to two big states – Gujarat & Maharashtra – a mere 6 months after the launch of the brand?

Over the years, costume jewelry has become a rage with women of all age groups, fashion conscious people. The soaring prices of gold and silver have left a deep impact on sales of silver ornaments while imitation jewelry is in high demand among those who fancy jewelry in Gujarat and Maharashtra. Since, we already have a successful set-up of operations in major cities like  Delhi/NCR, Chandigarh, Punjab and Mumbai, we decided to launch our brand in whole of Maharashtra and Gujarat which fall under the category of four biggest  imitation jewelry markets in the country including Kolkata and Jaipur.

Our aim is to recruit 2500 Juvalia & You stylists in Gujarat and 4000 in Maharashtra stylists by the end of this quarter who will further expand our network accordingly.

e-Commerce is still in the nascent stage in the country. How do you intend to extract the most out of this growing market?

In terms of online retail, India has all the right ingredients that are required to scale online retail. Internet penetration, enhanced product offerings online and a younger demographic that has trust in online brands are all variables that should contribute to a massive growth for the next 3-5 years.

How instrumental has multi-level marketing been in your growth?

Multi-level marketing is heart of our business, it plays a significant role in our growth as our unique business model not only offers consumers the opportunity to buy the latest International designs online but also gives women a chance to become entrepreneurs by joining us as Stylists. The proof of the same is our network of 10,000 stylists in less than a year.

How difficult/easy it is to retain customers and attract new customers?

At Juvalia & You, India we add new designer pieces to our collection on regular basis to maintain the excitement level of our customers and simultaneously provide complete support to our Stylists in every way. All of our teams handle a difficult situation professionally, resolve the actual or perceived problem, and try to achieve a successful conclusion. So, all in all it’s easy to both retain and attract new customers. We’re already amongst the highest visited sites in our category and the product reactions have been very encouraging. For the direct selling part of the business as well, our Stylist additions within less than a year of operations has been tremendous.

What sets you apart from other jewelry e-commerce sites?

Juvalia & You, India is an innovative and modern social selling company that offers today’s woman a career alternative. Our unique business model not only offers consumers the opportunity to buy the latest international designs online but also empowers them to be financially independent by joining us as Stylists.  

Compared to BlueStone.com, SuratDiamond.com and the likes, you sell products in the lower price range. You think this competitive pricing and focus on fashionable rather than real jewelry has helped you grow fast?

Bluestone.com and SuratDiamond.com are into real and precious jewelry so we don’t compare ourselves with them. The increase in gold prices has definitely led to increase in sales of artificial jewelry. Our well-thought pricing strategy, the international brand, product, quality, design and our direct selling business model are the major factors of our growth  and ensure that we stand apart from others operating in costume jewelry category.

What next for Juvalia & You?

After the current expansions, we will be expanding our direct selling business pan-India and are already in the process of setting up satellite offices across the country.

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