The Prestigious British Medical Journal Chooses India As Its First Overseas Debut

World renowned British Medical Journal (BMJ) is going to debut in India. This will be BMJ’s first overseas & country specific Web site outside the United Kingdom (UK).

The Indian health space is enjoying a very high amount of attention from almost all quarters. Be it IVR-based response systems to health related websites, any module which has a correlation with medicine seems to be seeking the online route. We have reported such endeavors which have some linkage with health, m-health, medicine dispensing, good health guide & so on.

In case of BMJ, the landmark decision was taken as per British Planning Commission’s announcement of expansion of healthcare throughout India in its 12th Five-Year Plan. This in turn is part of the grand plan to have blanket global health coverage.

What will the Indian sub-section contain?

BMJ is well-known to publish path-breaking treatment options, latest advancements in medical professions & of course health advisories which have a direct impact on the tourist industry. BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, under whose patronage BMJ’s website operates will continue the centuries-old tradition & will feature content such as medical news, comments, researches and educational articles that is directly relevant to doctors practicing in India. The Indian medical scenario is bound to benefit from such a positive step.

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