The Emerging App Development Trend. Do Apps Control The Mobile Ecosystem?

Let’s face it! The popularity of smartphones is majorly influenced by the type & quantum of apps that the Mobile OS can support. A new smartphone owner immediately embarks on the virtual journey to seek, download, install & enjoy the multitude off apps from the App-Store. Whereas an experienced user keeps a catalog of the favorite apps & ensures his next smartphone purchased is filled with those apps even before he or she starts using it.

The developer community has for quite some time lived through a difficult phase. In fact, majority of the apps developed don’t even break-even. However, that scenario is slowly changing. With variable pricing strategies & ad-sponsored versions making a mainstream entry, developers are getting the recognition in the form of monetary rewards. Visionmobile, a Telecom Analysis and research firm recently released its ‘Mobile Developer Economic’ Report & here are some of the highlights:

Android clearly rules with iOS trailing closely: 2 out of 3 apps being developed are or the Android OS. Over 70% of Developers have readily accepted the Android way to deploy their innovative ideas, whereas iOS is currently supported by about 60%. This clearly indicates that Android takes precedence, but developers surely make it a point to develop for iOS too.

Windows Phone OS, though promising is yet to be perceived as appealing & developers are still waiting for a conducive environment, to being development. After the famous announcement to hook over 10,000 developers, BlackBerry has apparently gained some steam & should garner support only if the ‘revolutionary’ BB OS 10 devices start gaining market traction.

With over 500 variants of app-development tools, developers are spoilt for choice & can whip out an application in hours, if not minutes. But, surprisingly, most conjure apps they themselves wish to use with no particular monetization strategy.

Advertising isn’t the only solace: Advertising driven monetization continues to remain a strong support. However, in-app purchases & even a Freemium wherein most of the app is free, but a few features have to be paid for, are gaining popularity.

Though apps are a must for any smartphone users, the pricing & monetization strategy will have to be closely monitored & executed by the developers if they wish to earn some decent revenue. What do you think?

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