Mobango’s Data Shows That Games Drove Big Downloads In 2012

Mobango, the independent app store operated by Mauj Mobile has released quite a bit of new data on the progress and happenings on the app store. There has been no significant news from Mobango in quite a while and this is going to be interesting. It seems games were a very big deal on the platform in 2012.

The app store has seen around 85 million game downloads  throughout last year. This is not counting other content types like videos and other apps. Game downloads took up around 28% of the total download share with videos and other apps making up for the rest. This data represents download trends from all across the world. Mobango is seeing strong usage in the established UK, US markets and in the emerging markets like India, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia. The company said that India was the biggest country in terms of game downloads with around 25 million downloads being requested.

Mobango says that 8000+ new gaming developers have signed up on their platform last year. This has boosted the total number of games being uploaded onto the platform. Last year saw 15000+ games being added onto the app store. The fact that Mobango now has a total of 40,000 games should put their 2012 growth into perspective. Although, Mobango is an independent app store and cannot really compete in raw numbers with Apple’s iTunes and Google Play, it has managed to get some top game developers onto the platform.  These include Zeptolabs, Halfbrick, Kira Games, Herocraft, Disney and so on.

Action and Racing games are driving more downloads:

Mobango has looked at titles, type and categories of games downloaded and figured out an average download figure across different game categories. The graph given below clearly shows that action and racing games are clearly the biggest drivers of downloads on the platform with adventure games coming next. Strategy games on mobile platforms are the lowest in terms of title downloads. The app store notes that this does not mean that user engagement with  these games is high. It is just about the number of downloads that a particular title in a certain category is getting.

Devices with medium screen size are the biggest downloaders:

Screen size has shown a trend towards getting bigger and now we are officially accepting that these phablets will be the future. But the app store’s data shows that medium screen devices having sporting a resolution higher than 240 pixels but lower than 400 pixels were among the biggest game downloaders on the service. 40% of visits to Mobango came from medium screen sized devices which were responsible for 60% of the downloads on the platform.

Large  Screen Android devices  show the highest engagement rates:

While the medium screen size devices maybe the highest downloaders, the highest game engagement (number of plays and amount of usage) is coming from devices which have a larger screen. The report says that Android devices having a larger screen show better user engagement compared to Java phones. This is bound to happen since app on Android offer a significantly more technological platform compared to Java ones. Thus the type and depth of games is also better. This affects engagement. Larger screen Android devices also tend to have better processors and memory thus making it possible develop some seriously full featured games on the platform. This is the same scenario with Apple’s iOS.

This data from Mobango clearly points out that there is a huge market for game app developers and the scenario is only getting better. If developers choose to use in-app advertising, then there is some serious monetization potential if games are good and engaging. Mostly, all the games are coming from developers from the US, UK etc. Indian game app developers should look at the numbers and data and go about developing some great apps since this will get their work onto global platform irrespective of whether the games are hosted on iTunes, Google Play or Mobango. The time seems to be right for a killer game to come out from Indian app development studios.

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