Foursquare Releases An Interactive Map Of Its Check-ins

Foursquare has released an interactive map of its check-ins in the last 3 months so that users can visualize all the Foursquare activity (also real world outdoor activity) around the world. This interactive map shows the check-ins all around the globe and if you look closely you can discern the countries or rather cities where Foursquare is predominantly active.

Maps gives you an idea about Foursquare usage

Foursquare’s location check-in helps the company to understand relationships between different places/venues depending on the pattern that its users follow. In an official blog post, the company says that these relationships help it to recommend popular places/events/venues to other people who use Foursquare Explore to look for interesting things happening around their city or any city where they want to go. The company says that all the check-ins you see on this interactive maps and not just check-ins but rather ‘links’ which connect different places. These links are crucial to the company in understanding the above mentioned relationships and recommending them to others who are using Foursquare to look for some interesting things to do around the world.

Mumbai on the interactive map

The company has said that in the last 3 months they have had 500,000,000 check-ins all over the world and that is not a small number. Imagine how much data they have indexed since the beginning! Foursquare is thus implementing a ‘real life layer’ on normal maps, thus making the world more interconnected and smaller as a result. This real life layer is the underlying base for location features in apps/services like Bing, Flickr, Quora, Path, Evernote and many others. The company revealed that almost 100 million people were seeing their location data using their partner apps/services.

According to the blogpost, the company is planning to launch quite a few new things in the coming months which will help you get even more information than the standard location data. They are currently building tools which will give businesses a dashboard to keep track of all of Foursquare’s data pertaining to their venues/places. The company also wants to go deep into the details as far as its users are concerned. It wants you to be able to look up menus at the restaurants you check-in (Zomato!), exhibits at a museum near you and so on. Thus Foursquare is planning to beef up its hyperlocal offerings all over the world and thus create a compelling and useful database which could then be of great importance to businesses as well as its many users. By the way, there are rumors that Apple is talking with Foursquare to salvage its dreadful Maps offering by integrating the latter’s database into their app.

Check out the interactive map and do a search for your city to see the Foursquare activity.

Website | Foursquare Interactive Map

Story Source | Foursquare Blog

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